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Hello! I am Joshua Styles, a 27 year old developer of games and applications. I'm currently in year 3 of BSc(Hons) Computer Games Development at the University of the West of Scotland. This website serves to show who I am, what I can do and allow you to try out some of my games and apps for yourself as well as see information on them and their development.


My interest in games development stems from a childhood dream, ever since stumbling upon the jobs pages in Edge magazine when I was little, and realising games were not in fact made by mystical beings and magic (at least not always). From there, my love of playing games turned into a penchant for creating digital content in all shapes and forms, and then on to a formal education in that field.

Having done so for around 10 years now, my biggest skill is programming. I started learning with Visual Basic 6 and HTML4 at secondary school and since then, have had exposure to a wide variety of languages for a whole host of different projects, some of which include C#, Java, Javascript, .Net, DarkBasic, Python, XHTML, mySQL, Lua and PHP.

I ran my own website from 2008 to 2009, previewing and reviewing "free2play" shooters on the PC. Most of these were games created for the Korean and Japanese markets before being released in the west, typically as "international" versions. The website had reasonable success despite the "free2play" market having not reached the heights that we see today.


My time at university has taught me to learn and appreciate the "other parts" of software development - the soft skills, documentation, teamwork and presentation skills. As much as I enjoy programming and designing, I feel without my course I would never have discovered that I enjoy wearing many of the different hats on offer and the different types of work they entail, particularly project management and the critical important of time management.

With my education, my understanding and passion for creating applications for mobile and web has grown considerably too, with an appreciation for developing user interfaces and features that serve the end user instead of just my own desires, as well as taking challenge from the limitations of target platforms.


I have a great interest in working in the games industry, be it games for mobile devices or AAA titles for console or PC. I wish to work alongside and learn from experienced teams and individuals, and have the opportunity to contribute and build on my own ideas and talents.


Problem solving



Android Studio
Unity 5
Unreal Engine 4

JQuery & JQuery Mobile

Blender 3D

Below are some of the projects I have worked on, some of which were for university assignments and some as personal projects. Click on one to see information about it.


Anaesthetic Aesthetic

Anaesthetic Aesthetic is a 3D Stealth game made by a team of 3 people over the course of 3 months as a university project.


The game was creating using:


We decided we wanted to make a game for a young target audience but also utilise a genre not typically associated with that age range - a stealth game. Our team also agreed on making the game 3D in order to gain more experience in 3D engines as well as to further familiarise ourselves with 3D level design and pathing. A story was created around this structure, depicting the plight of a young, socially awkward princess trying to infiltrate her own castle, which had been taken over by an evil witch, avoiding the bewitched guards as she does so.

My roles

Due to the small team size and variance in ability, we all took on multiple roles to ensure the completion of the project and provide support for each other. My responsibilities were:


Jaguar is a top down shooter playable in your browser. It was created for a university assignment as a solo project over the space of 3 months.


The game was created using:


I was tasked with creating a browser game using HTML5, Javascript and utilising the Phaser framework. I decided to create a top down shooter and draw on inspiration from classic games such as "Doom" and "Aliens VS Predator" while incorporating features one would expect from more modern videogames as an experiment to see if these elements could be successfully combined into an enjoyable game.

The player controls a nameless hero tasked with finding a datastick and escaping while hordes of hostile aliens try to kill you. To deal with the enemies, the player can fire dual machine pistols which are weak but have an infinite supply of ammunition. Exploration will allow the player to find more powerful weapons with limited ammo, additional ammo, powerups and keycards. Keycards are used for the locked doors found around the level.

Due to my familiarity with creating browser games and using the Phaser framework, I decided I would go beyond the scope of the requirements for the assignment and implement some additional features to bring the game to a higher standard. These additional features were mainly aimed at the user-experience and included a self-sorting, online, top 10 ranking table using PHP and mySQLi, the ability to manually reload and sprint, dialogue for telling the player their current objective and an options menu where the user could change certain things to improve their experience.

All assets used to create the game were custom made, including sound effects, background music and animated sprites.

My roles

As this was a solo project I had take on a lot of responsibilities which included: